People Management: Making good chemistry between people

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What is People Management?

People management is the process of training, motivating, and directing employees to optimize workplace productivity and promote professional growth. The goal of people management is to guiding and empowering people to reach their maximum potential, build a good environment, and reaching goals together effectively. Good people management doesn’t apply a dictatorial-like system but collaborates together toward a common goal.

What skill needed to have good people management?

To have good people management requires several soft skills that can be useful for many situations. This skill can better help you to understand more about people, establishing a relationship with them, and help people to move forward toward a common goal. Here is an essential skill that you needed to have good people management, such as :

Empowering means have the power to help develop people to be more productive, get more knowledge, and have a will to learn on their own. The goal is to produce people with high performers and improved skills from the previous state. Have the eagerness to not only self develop but develop others are the skill needed to have good people management.

Active listening needs to be implemented so the listener understands their perspective and condition of the current problem. Good active listening involve good eye contact, offer verbal or non-verbal cues, and remove distractions. Implement active listening can be done by using non-verbal cues such as nodding, responds thoughtfully, and respect them.

Conflict-resolution means have the skill to analyze, identify, finding a solution to a problem that comes up. To resolve it you must know what cause of the conflict before finding the solution to the problem. After solving it, you must ensure that the conflict will not occur again and find a way to prevent it.

The skill of knowing when to be flexible and when to be more firmly is a skill that needed to have good people management. You can demonstrate flexibility in your management style by accommodating individual employee needs. But the important thing is that you have to know your timing when to be flexible or not.

Patience is an important people management skill that uses kindness, respect, and empathy while helping others overcome obstacles. With patience, solving problems will be easier and will produce a more effective solution. When handling annoying problems, patience is the key solve them and find the solution. After finding the solution you must deliver it patiently so it will be solved effectively.

Clear communication is very important to deliver ideas or the purpose of what you want to deliver. The goal is to achieve a collaborative environment of people that work together in solving problems. Good communication also encourages two-way communication between people with informative feedback.

Trust means believing that you can rely on someone’s abilities, assistance, or advice when you need it most. Building trust helps your team work together more efficiently and productively. Teams should be able to trust that their leader supports them and believes in their hard work.

This means that you must have the skill to handle tasks simultaneously. Organization skill is an important people management skill that helps you track and maintain your team’s productivity.

Benefits of People Management

People management is very useful in any situation that involves people in it. Example of the situation such as:

With good people management, you have the skill to position yourself within the upcoming conflict. These can help you mediate conflicts between people in a way that promotes collaboration and respect.

Your position may allow you to positively influence your work environment. You can use your people management responsibilities to build a good establishment between people. A good environment will help to achieve the people’s goal more easily because it will support people to work more effectively.

When you know how to position yourself, you can have a good relationship with people. The benefit of this is you will be supported by people when you want to achieve goals.

In conclusion, people management skills are very important to have in people. By having people management skills, you can handle people and collaborate with them toward a common goal easily and effectively.

Disclaimer :

This is my article for my Individual Review for PPL course at the Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indonesia.

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