Docker: Environment Container for your Project

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What is Docker?

  • Definition of Docker
Visualization of virtual machine and container infrastructure

Important Component of Docker

  • Docker Client and Daemon
Docker Image Visualization
$ Docker run <container_name>

How to implement Docker?

In this implementation, I want to explain docker implementation for the Heroku web server. Note that, the web library that being used is Django so we need to set up the environment for Django by taking dependencies from the pip command from the requirement file. And the hosting web server from Heroku already has docker-compose built-in, so only Dockerfile will be made in the repository.

Example of docker-build setup
Dockerfile Web in our PPL Project Repository
Dockerfile in our PPL Project Repository

What’s the benefit of using docker?

  • Increase performance
  • Flexible with any operating system
  • An easy update for new dependencies
  • Support continuous integration
  • Isolate from irrelevant dependencies

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