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What are team dynamics?

Team dynamics are processes and behaviors transpiring among team members that influence both team performance and overall productivity. It can be explained as the life, personality, and synergies of any team. …

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What are Design Guidelines?

Design guidelines are sets of guides and recommendations on how to apply design principles to the product. The purpose of design guidelines is to make a uniform design between all designs of the product. The guides usually divided into several organize a group of an attribute which is style, layout…

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What is Docker?

  • Definition of Docker

Docker is an open-source tool designed using containers to make it easier to create deploy and run applications. The function of the containers in docker is to provide developers all parts needed, such as dependencies or libraries, and contain it into one package. By using a docker…

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What is People Management?

People management is the process of training, motivating, and directing employees to optimize workplace productivity and promote professional growth. The goal of people management is to guiding and empowering people to reach their maximum potential, build a good environment, and reaching goals together effectively. …

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What is Visual Design?

Visual design goals are to improve a design’s/product’s aesthetic appeal and usability with suitable typography, space, layout, images, and color. Visual design is about more than aesthetics. Designers place elements carefully to create interfaces that optimize the user experience and drive conversion.

How to implement Visual Design?

To implement the visual design, firstly as a…

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What is Clean Code Architecture?

I like my code to be elegant and efficient. The logic should be straightforward to make it hard for bugs to hide, the dependencies minimal to ease maintenance, error handling complete according to an articulated strategy, and performance close to optimal so as not to tempt people to make the…

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What is Persona?

There are many ways to define persona such as:

  • A persona is a profile of a product’s typical customer.
  • Personas do not represent singular users but are representatives of a group of users that share similar behaviors, goals, and needs.
  • A persona is a way to model, summarize and communicate…

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What is TDD?

Test-Driven Development or TDD is a software development process with a unique repetitive cycle. TDD also encourages the developer to think carefully about how the software will be used and what feature needed to provide the expected usability from what the client needs. Firstly, TDD starts with designing what feature…

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What is Agile?

Agile is the ability to create and respond to change. It is the ability to adapt and find solutions to an uncertain environment. There are 3 main things from agile thinking, the first one is to understand what’s going on in the environment right now. The second one you need…

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Hmmm, what is Git?

Git is an Open Source Distributed Version Control System that has a remote repository that is stored in a server and a local repository that is stored in the computer of each developer.

What is used for?

Git is primarily used for source code management in software development teams or individuals. Another usability of…

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